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FALLOUT - Friends Are Long Lasting

Carnival week is when most returning residents touch down for the seasonal festivities. They come excited to be home in the sun and revving to party with a list of all the must-attend events. On the Tuesday before Carnival, the party that many of them head to is FALLOUT, an intimate all-inclusive.

FALLOUT continues to attract an international crew that enjoys to be in the land of soca. The atmosphere at FALLOUT is one where strangers hug strangers and old friends reunite while eating hot doubles and sipping on premium drinks. This was exactly the type of atmosphere Ian Liverpool envisioned when he came up with an idea to host a party for his foreign-based friends in the lead up to Carnival.

The LOGO was inspired by the Grand Jefe - the person who takes care of his family. The custom design is an artistic blend of spanish culture and the facial attributes of Ian Liverpool.